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  • Ingredients

    Saffron threads (3x 0,2g = 0,6g)

  • Taste

    bitter, earthy, hay-like

  • Allergens

    May contain traces of celery, mustard and sesame seeds.

  • Origin


  • Good to know

    Most expensive spice in the world! Most of us probably know this superlative. The high price is justified by the fact that saffron has to be harvested by hand and the yield is rather low. During harvesting, the flowers of this crocus species are harvested by hand, then immediately opened and the three flower nabs (the saffron threads) are taken from each flower. In addition, the yellow dust vessels must then be separated from the red nabs. This means that 1kg of saffron contains about 400 hours of manual labour or about 200,000 flowers. The quality depends on the colour of the saffron (the redder, the better), but also on its type and size. But expensive products, of course, also attract a lot of scammers who dye saffron of low quality or replace it with other flowers that look like saffron at first glance. Especially in spice mixtures or as ground product, incorrect saffron is often used and accordingly caution is required when buying. To be sure, however, you can try it and if it tastes bitter, it may be real saffron – the fake saffron tastes mostly sweet. Another test is to moisten the saffron with the tongue and pull over a white sheet of paper – it will then leave a yellow-orange trace. If this process is repeated two to three times, the colour should be the same – if not, it is a fake.

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  • Fits well

    lamb, fish, seafood, rice, potato gratin

  • National cuisine

    Oriental, Indian, Mediterranean

  • Usage

    Carefully rub between the fingers or crush in the mortar. You really need very little of it to season the dishes with the wonderful aroma and give you the beautiful yellow color (maybe 3-4 threads).

  • Full taste development

    It can be soaked in warm water, milk or broth (never in oil) from a few minutes to 24 hours. The later it is added to the food, the more intense the taste.

  • Tipp

    Finely grind with sugar or salt, depending on the use, in a mortar to enlarge the surface.

  • Health aspects

    Lets the sun shine again


    Mind & Head

    Especially people who suffer from depression should incorporate more saffron into their diet. Studies have shown that saffron has an effect as reliable as medical antidepressants, but of course without side effects. The active substance crocin and saffron is responsible for this.

    Alzheimer's patients can also be treated with saffron just as effectively as with some medications. For this, however, a daily consumption of about 15 threads is necessary.

    First hope is also given in the treatment of multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease.

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