Yellow Mustard Seeds

Yellow Mustard Seeds

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  • Ingredients

    yellow mustard seeds

  • Taste

    hot, sweet, pungent

  • Allergens

    Contains MUSTARD and can contain traces of celery and sesame seeds.

  • Origin


  • Good to know

    Yellow mustard grains are sometimes referred to as white mustard seeds. By the way, the mustard seed itself has neither aroma nor taste. The sharpness of the mustard grains must first be "activated" by breaking them up and putting them into liquids, which is also important for cooking. By the way, the classic yellow colour in mustard only comes about by the addition of turmeric.

  • Not in the house? Can be replaced by:

    This item is delivered in a small spice can with aroma lid.


  • Fits well

    pork, beef, poultry, fish, Sauerkraut, broccoli, cauliflower

  • National cuisine

    Western European, North American

  • Usage

    Add whole seeds to the food or make your own mustard from it. Attention: Some people are allergic to mustard – even people with very sensitive stomachs should refrain from consuming mustard.

  • Full taste development

    Crush the seeds and soak in cold water for a few minutes before cooking.

  • Tipp

    The longer the mustard seeds are heated, the less spicy they are – so when used before cooking (e.g. in grilled marinades) calmly dose higher, if the hotness is to be maintained, prefer to add at the end of the cooking time. Ideal also as an ingredient for vinaigrette or for refining potato salad.

  • Health aspects

    Use more mustard!



    Abdominal area

    Mustard makes you tolerate fatty foods better and the same applies to mustard seeds, as they stimulate the production of digestive juices.

    Mustard and mustard grains can also counteract heartburn – but here it depends on the cause of heartburn, otherwise it can strengthen heartburn. Accordingly, small amounts of mustard should be tested first.

    Also coli bacteria (EHEC) can cause mustard seeds, which can cause severe run-off.



    Blood & Heart

    Some studies have shown that mustard oil can reduce the risk of heart disease by over 50%, especially if it is rich in omega-3.



    A number of cancers, especially bowel cancer, can be treated by consuming mustard seeds or preventing their development.

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