Sesame - white

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  • Ingredients

    Sesame white

  • Taste

    nutty, sweet, earthy

  • Allergens

    May contain traces of celery, mustard and sesame seeds.

  • Origin


  • Good to know

    Sesame is a very popular ingredient, especially on baked goods. By the way, a third of the Mexican sesame harvest goes to McDonalds in the USA to make their sesame buns. However, most of the world's harvest is processed into sesame oil, which can be heated very highly and is one of the healthiest oils in the world, with a high proportion of unsaturated fats. Especially in the vegetarian diet, sesame is often used because it contains a lot of protein. However, sesame also has some allergens, which can lead to sesame allergy in some people, mostly adults.

  • Not in the house? Can be replaced by:

    This item is delivered in a small spice can with aroma lid.


  • Fits well

    (fat) fish, seafood, leafy vegetables, lettuce, eggplant, legumes, pasta

  • National cuisine

    African, Indian, Asian, Oriental

  • Usage

    Can be added unroasted (then rather tender-nutty in taste) and roasted (then more spicy) to the dish.

  • Full taste development

    Must be roasted to develop roasty-nutty aromas, but please do not let it get too hot.

  • Tipp

    For grilling or as a spread, try sesame butter as a substitute for herb butter or use sesame as a panade instead of breadcrumbs.

  • Health aspects

    Open sesame – open artery!



    Blood & Heart

    Sesame is full of unsaturated fats and vitamin E, which is exceptionally good for the heart.

    It has been proven in several studies that eating sesame and sesame oil can significantly lower blood pressure. Even if antihypertensive agents are already taken, sesame can further promote their effects.

    Cholesterol levels are also positively affected in women during menopause.


    Mind & Head

    There are initial studies showing that sesame blocks proteins that can lead to Alzheimer's and dementia

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