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Black Pepper
Phu Quoc Pepper
Yellow Mustard Seeds
Ginger powder
Juniper Berries
Sweet paprika powder
White Onion powder
Garlic powder
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  • Ingredients

    Amchur - small spice tin
    Chili powder - small spice can
    Ginger powder - small spice can
    Garlic powder - small spice can
    Paprika powder noble sweet - large spice can
    Pepper, red Phu Quoc - small spice can
    Pepper, black - large spice can
    Mustard grains, yellow - small spice can
    Juniper berries - small spice can
    White onion powder - small spice can

  • Allergens

    Contains MUSTARD and may contain traces of celery and sesame seeds

  • Origin

    Vietnam, India, Lithuania, Hungary

  • Good to know

    Our BBQ spice package includes the most popular spices with which you can conjure up all the usual marinades, whether you want to prepare meat, vegetables or fish.

    For many, the barbecue season starts in January and never ends! We believe that nothing can beat homemade marinades and have put together a set here, with which you can mix all common recipes yourself or you can also let yourself be creative.

    E-mail us your recipes or share them on Instagram – we look forward to your feedback!

    In our package you will find:
    Amchur – who needs lemon peel if he can have dried mango powder – ideal as a tender maker for meat
    Chili powder – a little chilli actually belongs in every meal, not in large quantities, but well dosed it makes a difference (here a chilli variety in medium spiciness with about 25,000 Scoville)
    Ginger powder – gives the dishes spiciness but also freshness and makes the meat beautifully tender as a marinade
    Garlic powder – especially in case of intolerance, garlic powder is more digestible, but also healthy and tasty
    Paprika noble sweet – the original from Hungary, bright red and probably the most popular spice for all marinades
    Pepper, red Phu Quoc – a true rarity, made entirely by hand
    Pepper, black - the king of spices simply belongs in our package
    Mustard grains, yellow – whether whole, mortared or ground, mustard is ideal for marinades of all kinds (e.g. spare ribs or poultry and vegetables)
    Juniper berries – finely crushed, juniper berries e.g. are great for marinating lamb and, of course, game meat; pressed they really go well with salmon wrapped in aluminium foil on the grill
    Onion powder, white – onions must not be missing at all as taste carrier number 1

Curry powder - mild Curry powder - mild
Content 40 Gramm (€6.75 * / 100 Gramm)
From €2.70 *
Cassia cinnamon - chunky Cassia cinnamon - chunky
Content 20 Gramm (€18.00 * / 100 Gramm)
From €3.60 *
Abbildung ist beispielhaft und gibt nicht den Lieferumfang wieder Indian spices
€49.95 * €58.10 *
Abbildung ist beispielhaft und gibt nicht den Lieferumfang wieder Spices for stews
€41.00 * €47.20 *
Coriander powder Coriander powder
Content 60 Gramm (€7.00 * / 100 Gramm)
From €4.20 *
Mac Khen Pepper Mac Khen Pepper
Content 20 Gramm (€26.00 * / 100 Gramm)
From €5.20 *
White Pepper White Pepper
Content 45 Gramm (€10.22 * / 100 Gramm)
From €4.60 *
Aniseeds Aniseeds
Content 40 Gramm (€6.75 * / 100 Gramm)
From €2.70 *
Bay leaves Bay leaves
Content 7.5 Gramm (€32.00 * / 100 Gramm)
From €2.40 *
Caraway Seeds Caraway Seeds
Content 45 Gramm (€5.56 * / 100 Gramm)
From €2.50 *
Allspice Allspice
Content 40 Gramm (€8.00 * / 100 Gramm)
From €3.20 *
Black cardamom Black cardamom
Content 30 Gramm (€16.67 * / 100 Gramm)
From €5.00 *
Star anise Star anise
Content 15 Gramm (€18.67 * / 100 Gramm)
From €2.80 *
Abbildung ist beispielhaft und gibt nicht den Lieferumfang wieder Basic spices
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