Spices for stews

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Spices for stews
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Juniper Berries
Bay leaves
Star anise
Black Pepper
Green cardamom
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  • Ingredients

    Cloves - large spice can
    Cardamom, green - small spice can
    Bay leaves - large spice can
    Muscat blossom - small spice can
    Pepper, black - large spice can
    Piment - large spice can
    Star anise - large spice can
    Juniper berries - large spice can

  • Allergens

    May contain traces of celery, mustard and sesame seeds

  • Origin


  • Good to know

    Simmering dishes are incredibly popular as they can turn cheap pieces of meat into wonderful pleasure experiences, simply through time and temperature. Especially the long simmering process gives the spices the opportunity to unfold their full taste – we have put together the most common spices in one package.
    In our package you will find:

    Cloves – its essential oils promote blood circulation
    Cardamom, green – the queen of spices gives the dishes a certain freshness
    Bay leaves – the standard spice for every soup and stews
    Macis – as a whole flower in the simmering dishes
    Pepper, black - the king of spices simply belongs in our package
    Allspice – one of the most complex spices ever
    Star anise - gives the dishes a light aniseed note
    Juniper berries – whether simmering, game or sauerkraut, without juniper berries you can't; but also fits well as marinade spice

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